Dogo Onsen
Revitalization Project:
A Project for All



In 2022, the art festival “DOGO ONSENART 2022” will be held for the first time in four years in Dōgo Onsen, which is said to be the oldest hot spring in Japan. The theme of the festival will be “The Joy of Life (Ikiru Yorokobi).” In addition to four works that were already exhibited in 2021, seven works will be newly exhibited. Besides, in the festival to be held for approximately ten months until February 2023, a group of works of words that take advantage of the characteristics of Matsuyama, a city of literature, will be exhibited, and various events will be held to create a cultural liveliness in Dōgo Onsen. Whenever you come, you can enjoy them again and again. Dōgo Onsen has warmed people’s bodies and minds in the past and still does today so that people can heal their bodies and minds to live vibrant lives and pass on this vigorous city to future generations. The community, artists, and creators will work together to warm the world.

Duration: Thu 28th April, 2022 – Sun 26th February, 2023