©yuji sumikawa / dogo2021
Dōgo Onsen five-color dumpling




This is a group name for five art pieces of varying complexions, likening the Dōgo Onsen of our everyday experience to a lineup of five different-colored dumplings on a stick.

●Panoramic Folding Screen Images of the Dōgo Onsen Honkan Renovation Work
The folding screen panels, consisting of photos and purpose-made illustrations by the artist Yuji Sumikawa,detail the renovation work on Dōgo Onsen in an easy-to-understand manner.New panels will be added in line with the progress of the renovation work.

●Dōgo Onsen Tsumori-no-Yu
This work recreates the atmosphere of the Honkan’s Kami-no-Yu bathing area, which is currently off-limits to visitors because of the maintenance and repair work.Using photographic panels, this piece has images that make you feel as if you’re actually floating in this splendid bath.

●Illustrated Catalog of Changes at Dōgo Onsen
This is an illustrated catalog that carries pictures of Dōgo Onsen in chronological order, illustrating them like a historical picture scroll. Along with this, visitors can see Sumikawa’s New Depiction of the Dōgo Onsen Neighborhood.
Note: This work was created by Sumikawa at the DOGO ONSEN ART 2014 exhibition.

●Reiwa Birdʼs-Eye View of Dōgo Onsen
This work depicts a forecast of the first, second and third floors of the Honkan after their maintenance and repair is finished. When viewed through the peephole, all of the pictures overlap and resolve into a single three-dimensional image. The motif is Sumikawa’s Contemporary View of Dōgo Onsen, on display in the banqueting hall on the second floor of the Asuka-no-Yu annex.

●Gathering for Footbaths at the Shinrotei
There is a footbath on the roof of the Shinrotei rest area. From here, you can look over the maintenance and repair work, while listening to an explanation of the work by the site foreman, dressed in a white heron costume. There are works depicting historical figures related to Dōgo Onsen Matsuyama City. These include Isaniwa Yukiya (the founder of Dōgo Onsen in its modern incarnation),the haiku poet Masaoka Shiki, the ancient prince Shotoku Taishi, and the renowned novelist Natsume Soseki. As 3-D art pieces, they appear as solid objects when viewed from the Dōgo Onsen Sky Walkway.