Event name:
yummydance LivePerformance “Don’t hang around too much! @Dogo”
Opening on:
13:00~ / 18:00~ (Reception starts 15 minutes before each performance starts)

The Yummydance troupe based in Matsuyama, which performs both at home and abroad and has won popularity in various places, appears at Osenato! Yummydance presents a tour-type performance in Dogo while “hanging around” with participants. Where are they taking you? What will pop out? Is this person a tourist or a member of yummydance? They will guide you through Dogo on a 90-minute live-performance tour filled with elusions and good humor.

Sponsored by:
Dogo Art Project NPO Theater Network Ehime/yummydance
Entrance to Dogo Shopping Street→ Chaharu→ Shinro-tei→ Dogo Onsen Annex, Asuka-no-yu courtyard
Participation fee:
No fee for participation (Reservation required. The first 50 pairs each will be accepted) ※There are some performances you will be able to watch preferentially when you make a reservation.

■ How to make a reservation Send an e-mail or fax with a subject line “Reservation for Onsenato Live”. Specify the following items in the e-mail or fax; (1) desired performance time, (2) your name, (3) number of applicants, (4) contact telephone number, and (5) e-mail address. Your reservation will be finalized when we send you a reply. If there is no reply after 3-5 days, do not hesitate to contact us. ※ If you apply by e-mail from your mobile address, modify the e-mail reception setting to receive our reply. ■Application and Inquiry Consortium Dogo Art Project NPO Theater Network Ehime TEL: 089-904-7025 FAX: 089-904-7025 Mail: theater.neco2012@gmail.com