Event name:
Local Project “Let’s Make Stop Motion Animation Together in DOGO” For Adults / For Parents and Children
Opening on:
13:00 - 15:00

Hanbun.co is a performance unit formed in 2010 based in Matsuyama City with Czech animation creator Chieko Yamauchi and choreographer Miyuki Tokui. They have been producing original works with motifs of Japanese history, culture, and 'nursery rhymes' filled with memories of childhood, and have performed in various places. Pictures are taken frame by frame, creating movement using the bodies of all the participants set in the inns and the town of Dogo. A film of amusing animation is created by connecting those pictures. Pictures are taken in three workshops, all of which are connected to complete animation film. The completed work will be screened in Dogo.

Sponsored by:
Dogo Art Project, Art NPO QaCoA(Quality and Communication of Arts)
DOUGOYA(6-38 Dogo Takocho, Matsuyama City)
Participation fee:
500 yen per person (Free for 3 years old and under)