Event name:
Cloud in the City
Opening on:
10/5 ( 15:00-21:00), 10/6 (10:00-17:00) The event will be cancelled in case of rain on either day.

The second " Cloud in the City" will be presented by The Cloud Lifters of Dogo with Takayuki Bamba, an architect, promoting community development, art, culture and tourism in Dogo. A big balloon "cloud" will be lifted at the Asuka-no-yu courtyard in cooperation with Dogo Onsen Hokoreru Machizukuri Promotion Council and "ISociety of Iyo Craftsman", a group of young artisans in Ehime. In the daytime session, a space for waterplay will come out under the cloud. And in the evening session, a fantastic space of light will be made by illuminating the cloud with handmade Japanese lanterns. A workshop to make Japanese lanterns, in which anyone can participate, will start from 10:00 a.m. on Aug. 4 (in order of sign-up). At the end of the evening session, "Team M+" will perform a dance, and a fantastic space which evokes the image of Asuka Period will come out under the cloud.

Sponsored by:
Dogo Art Project, Art NPO QaCoA(Quality and Communication of Arts)
Dogo Onsen Annex, Asuka-no-yu Courtyard
Participation fee: