Event name:
Cloud in the City
Opening on:
Aug. 4 (Sat. 9:30-21:00), Aug. 5 (Sun. 10:00-17:00) The event will be cancelled in case of rain on either day.

The second " Cloud in the City" will be presented by The Cloud Lifters of Dogo with Takayuki Bamba, an architect, promoting community development, art, culture and tourism in Dogo. A big balloon "cloud" will be lifted at the Asuka-no-yu courtyard in cooperation with Dogo Onsen Hokoreru Machizukuri Promotion Council and "ISociety of Iyo Craftsman", a group of young artisans in Ehime. In the daytime session, a space for waterplay will come out under the cloud. And in the evening session, a fantastic space of light will be made by illuminating the cloud with handmade Japanese lanterns. A workshop to make Japanese lanterns, in which anyone can participate, will start from 10:00 a.m. on Aug. 4 (in order of sign-up). At the end of the evening session, "Team M+" will perform a dance, and a fantastic space which evokes the image of Asuka Period will come out under the cloud.

Sponsored by:
Dogo Art Project, Art NPO QaCoA(Quality and Communication of Arts)
Dogo Onsen Annex, Asuka-no-yu Courtyard
Participation fee:

"Workshop to Make Lanterns"…Let's make lanterns to produce the space for " Cloud in the City", the local project of DOGO ONSENART 2018. In this workshop, you will draw a picture with water-based pens on Japanese paper, and assemble a lantern kit. The lanterns will be displayed at Dogo Onsen Annex, Asuka-no-yu courtyard in the evening on Aug. 4, Sat., which will be used to illuminate the "Cloud in the City". Let's learn about wooden materials and Japanese paper and make lanterns to illuminate the cloud in Dogo! ● Date and Location ▶ The first workshop: Jul. 28, Sat., 13:00-14:30 @ Moburu Terrace (3-7-12 Minatomachi, Matsuyama City), ▶ The second workshop: Aug. 4, Sat., 10:00-11:30 @ Asuka-no-yu courtyard (19-22 Dogo Yunomachi, Matsuyama City), ● Reservation required. The first 20 pairs each will be accepted (you may be able to participate on the day if there is a vacancy). ● No fee for participation ● Apply at: udcm.matsuyama@gmail.com (The Cloud Lifters of Dogo in Urbane Design Center Matsuyama) Sponsored by: The Cloud Lifters of Dogo / In cooperation with: Society of Iyo Craftsman * This event utilizes the Ehime prefectural tax for protection of forests.