■ yummydance Profile (Shinobu Utsunomiya, Midori Gouda, Saori Takahashi, Miyuki Tokui) In 1999, yummydance was formed with members selected by a German choreographer, Amanda Miller. They have performed numerous original works on many stages in tours all over Japan and festivals in NY and Germany. All the members are choreographers, which makes the taste of their free, unconventional performances sweet, spicy and rare! They have been attracting much public attention. Many collaborative works with artists of other genres, including art and music, also have been performed actively in various places other than theaters. Recent works include "Kanden-shimasho, so-shimasho (Let's get an electric shock)" "Mabuta (Eyelid)" "Onna-Guruguru (Woman, round and round)". In addition, the performance series "yummydance cafe live" at cafes and shops has been held intermittently in various areas. In recent years, along with stage performances, they have been involved in a number of dance workshops at schools and facilities around the country through the Agency for Cultural Affairs Artists dispatching projects and various art projects. This is the 19th year since yummydance was formed. There is a feeling that something more will start from this milestone. Finalist of Toyota Choreography Award 2005 and 2008. HP : Facebook:


yummydance LivePerformance “Don’t hang around too much! @Dogo”


The Yummydance troupe based in Matsuyama, which performs both at home and abroad and has won popularity in various places, appears at Osenato! Yummydance presents a tour-type performance in Dogo while “hanging around” with participants. Where are they taking you? What will pop out? Is this person a tourist or a member of yummydance? They will guide you through Dogo on a 90-minute live-performance tour filled with elusions and good hu

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