Aquirax Uno

写真 : 谷 敦志

Illustrator/Graphic designer, born in 1934 in Nagoya city. He is one of Japan’s leading and most famous illustrators and graphic designers. After graduating from Nagoya City Industrial Arts High School’s design major, he worked at Calpis Co., Ltd., Nippon Design Center and Studio Il Fil before becoming freelance. He gained popularity in the graphic field after he designed a poster for a Shuji Terayama play and has gained many awards over the years such as Japan Advertising Artist Club Special Award and Member’s Award, Kodansha Limited Culture Award, Illustration Award, Sanrio Art Award, Akai tori Illustration Award, Nippon Picture Book Award, the Yamana Award of the Zen Koren Nippon Senden Awards, Yomiuri Engeki-taisho Committee Special Award, etc. He received a Purple Medal of Honor in 1999 and in 2010 the Order of the Rising Sun. Some of his famed works include Uno Aquirax 1960’s Poster Collection, Oku no Yokomichi, MONOAQUIRAX +, Uno Aquirax Chronicles, Uno Aquirax Fantasy Sashie no Sekai, and the picture book Anoko (written by Yoshitomo Imae), Shironekotei, Shanghai Ijin Shokan”(both originally written by Shuji Terayama), Ookina Hitomi (Poem by Shuntaro Tanikawa), Jujika, and Koibitotachi (written by Hiroshi Homura). In addition to that in Kariya City Art Museum, Bunkamura Gallery he has held many solo exhibitions and also works in curating and stage art.


©︎AQUIRAX UNO / Dogo Onsenart 2018

Ren-ai Jiten (encyclopedia of love)


A refined English-style hotel room is filled with Uno’s style of illustration that is popular among women. Clever and strong-willed, yet coquettish and bewitching women with an almost mysterious glint in their eyes are portrayed in Uno’s artistic world, almost as though it were an encyclopedia of love.

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