Kayo Ume

Photographer, born in Ishikawa in 1981. Graduated from Shasen in 2002. While at school she was chosen for Canon Shinseiki Awards two years running for “Danshi” in 2000 and “Joshi chugakusei” in 2001. Her first published works, Umeme (Little More) came out in 2006, gaining huge success with 130,000 copies sold. The publication won the 32nd Kimura Ihei Award the following year. Some of her later publications include, Danshi, Jiichan-sama, Umeppu (Little More), Noto (Shinchosha); collaborated works include Ume ban Shinmeikai kokugojiten x Ume Kayo (Sanseido). For the first time in 2013, she opened a large scale solo exhibit “Ume Kayo ten UMEKAYO” at the Tokyo Art Museum, Opera City Art Gallery. Her most famous works, 15 years of photographs from the very beginning to the present, even those not seen until today, were dramatically restyled and captured the hearts of people from all walks of life. In recent years, she has taken part in “Go-Betweens: The world seen through children” (Mori Art Museum, 2014). Her recent publication, Shiroi inu (Shinchosha) is about 17 years of the life of a dog that lived in her hometown of Noto, and the publication Nasukai (Akishobo) is about boys who attend an all-male boarding school. Her ability to capture moments in every day life is highly praised and her works have been presented in and out of the country.


©︎KAYO UME / Dogo Onsenart 2018



Kayo Ume presents her newly photographed production with its theme, “Botchan-tachi” which loosely translates to “those boys”. The subjects of her photographs are the boys of the local Dogo Junior High School baseball club. In the summer of 2017, Ume challenged herself to capture the youth in the boys that seem to almost pop with energy. At the pre-opening, these pictures were hung as 14 banners in 7 different locations and have captivated the people who visit Dogo. In the Grand Opening, there will be more to come! The Dogo Shopping Arcade will be filled with the faces of our Dogo boys, and an Ume world that will bring smiles to everyone’s faces awaits.

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