Tomomi Fujioka (in cooperation with “Smile”)

She creates works as a part of the daytime activities while visiting "Smile" of Support Facilities for Disabilities. She continues folding what she calls “Otsuru-san” using origami and advertising fliers, and makes wedding goods such as Bibles, dresses, and wedding aisles while thinking of her favorite people. She participates in exhibitions in and outside the facility several times a year.


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Tomomi Fujioka (in cooperation with “Smile”) ×Shinro-tei


■Wedding Dress

She has been making what she calls "Otsuru-san" using torn origami or advertising paper folded into shapes similar to cranes and then attaching them to various things since 2015. This work was born of her desire to " wear a wedding dress" fashioned by attaching "Otsuru-san" to non-woven fabric and lace. In addition to dresses, wedding preparation goods such as wedding cakes, veils, and bags are steadily being prepared with her treasured staff members in mind.

■Wedding Aisle (Virgin Road in Japanese)

A wedding aisle covered with "Otsuru-san" made with torn advertising fliers and colored construction paper. It took more than six months to complete.

■Wedding Cake

A wedding cake made by pasting "Otsuru-san" which is hand-torn pieces of advertising or colored paper onto non-woven fabric or colored paper. The cake is filled with “Otsuru-san.

■Kekkon no Hon (The Book of Marriage)

She started this creation because she wanted to make a marriage book (Bible). She has completed the books one after another and continues to create them now.


The impetus for this work was wanting to paste “Otsuru-san” on a box. After the "Ozuru-san" is pasted on the colored paper several times, the surface becomes thicker by further layering the colored paper.

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