Ellie Omiya


Author, Director, Painter, born in Osaka in 1975. After graduating from the University of Tokyo majoring in pharmaceutical sciences, she took a job at a company but was recognized after writing an essay on every day life. Besides working on writing, she participates in various fields such as radio personality, host on a television program and directing stage productions. As for her art projects, her 2012 solo exhibition “Omoi wo tsutaeru toiukoto ten (What It Means to Convey Feelings)” (Parco Museum) where the visitors complete the work by experiencing it, attracted 15,000 people. The same year she held a live painting show in Ueno, “Oiwai no shirabe: Naoshima (Song of Celebration)”, and from there began to create paintings full-scale. In 2015, the solo exhibition “Emotional Journey” was held at Hillside Terrace in Daikanyama and in 2016, the solo exhibition “Sincerely yours” opened at Towada Art Center. She was highly acclaimed for taking her art out of museums and placing it in shopping arcades. From April to June of 2017, she held a solo exhibition at Kanaz Forest of Creation (Awara in Fukui Prefecture) called “Moshi Moshi, Kochira Moridesu” (Hello? This is Forest) This work overflows from the canvas and fills the space with “raw” energy. Her many faces as a creator and her never ending imagination allows her to jump over boundaries and spread the possibility of art endlessly. Pictures of flowers and trees are colorfully depicted and will turn appreciating artwork into an active experience, moving the hearts of all who see it.


©︎ELLIE OMIYA / Dogo Onsenart 2018

Rakuen (Haven)


The multi-talented Ellie Omiya who is an author, stage director and artist has created a hotel room that is enveloped by the flowers of the field and bursting with raw energy, as though the room is a sacred location on its own. Omiya’s message to the guests is in the bathroom, beds and even in the music in the room. This environment and its space is a “miniscule art museum” for Omiya. Guests can enjoy Omiya’s playfulness everywhere. Omiya’s painting created for Dogo, “Yudama asobi,” can be seen in the lobby. Viewing the artwork in the lobby is free to anyone.

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