Resident of Matsuyama. The Gold Prize winner in “the 48-hour Design Marathon in 2018.” She held an exhibition in July 2019. She creates her works on weekends or devotes 5~10 minutes to them before going to work.


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mayutamago×Dogo no Machiya (Shop name)


■The Strong Heart (Tsuyoi kokoro)

The sketch for this work was made on the first night of the 2018 Design Marathon. The final version was finished at the exhibition.
This piece expresses a desire to always live with a heart filled with courage and kindness.

■Japan Rose (tsubaki - “camellia”)

A camellia flower that delights the eyes with a variety of colors, including red, white, peach, and iris. How about trying Japanese yukata robes, shop-door curtains, hand towels or fans for a bit of Japanese style?

■Midnight Dogo

The well-known Dogo Onsen hot spring has a 3000-year history. When the moon rises overhead and midnight approaches, the Main Building begins to glow, coloring the sky red.

■Futago no Taifu (Twin typhoons)

Typhoons were the center of attention in the news this summer. So, I took apart cardboard and rolled it up, putting aside the scary image of typhoons because the typhoon vortex is rather beautiful.

■Flying Fish

This is an irregular shaped fish, rather like a goldfish or a tropical fish. Its friend is a jelly fish. When the crescent moon lights up the water, this fish flutters its tail and turns into a Flying Fish!!

■Yume miru ki・ri・n (Dreaming giraffes)

This is a white girl giraffe. She runs on the savannah with her giraffe friend. She will eat rainbow-colored leaves. Her wish is to fly in the sky. Traveling might be good, too. She is dreaming about many things.

■A woman who plays the accordion

The player sometimes looks down at the keyboard. She is running her fingers lightly over the keyboard and playing the accordion. What is this music? The audience is listening quietly and devoting themselves to the ocean of sound.

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