Lovely/Izumi Shirahama

Model and artist Under the name Lovely, she works in media such as magazines, television, radio, and advertisements. In recent years, she has used language expression born from within herself under her Japanese name Izumi Shirahama using various display methods such as poetry, recitations, writing, music, and so forth. Her first poetry was presented at “Aoyama Spiral." Her first private exhibition in 2018 was "Kotoba no Kioku (memory of words)" (360°gallery). She held her second private exhibition called "The Relationship Between Digitals and Me. Probably, I am a Number" in 2019, and is currently writing a series of short poems titled "Otoko no Te (A Man’s Hand)" on the Figaro web. She is in charge of project management of a fan club called KILIG, and is aiming at her new form with the theme of "our society".


Love Letter~Connecting the love and spinning around Dogo with love


Love has existed throughout all generations. The theme is "love letters" of great historic literary figures and those who live in the present. This is set in Dogo under the supervision of Izumi Shirahama. This art spins a world of "the love letter" that can be felt using the five senses under the keyword "to touch and read with the eyes and the ears."

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