Ryohei Kondo

撮影 : HARU

Choreographer, dancer, born in 1968 in Tokyo. Peru, Chile, and Argentine-bred, Leader of CONDORS. CONDORS is a male-only dance company that performs dance wearing GAKURAN (boys school uniform) live music, marionettes, film, and comedy. They have performed in more than 30 countries, were praised by The New York Times, and received the Fourth Asahi Performing Arts Awards and Shuji Terayama Awards. They performed in TBS program “Jonetsu Tairiku”. Kondo Ryohei performed as a choreographer in “Kondousanchi no Taiso” and “Kamoshirenai Taiso” of NHK Educational Television “Karada de Asobo” and “Kondousan to Taiso” of “Asadakarada!” He also performed in “Terebi Salary-man Taiso” of the NHK general TV program, “Salary-man NEO.” He was in charge of the opening choreography of the NHK Serial TV Novel “Teppan” and in charge of the choreography of “Yatta Man” directed by Miike Takashi and starring Sakurai Sho. The weekly AERA magazine posted him on the cover. He also performed as a choreographer in NODA MAP, “Piper” directed by Hideki Noda. He made a brilliant debut as an actor in the four-person performance, “The BEE” directed by Hideki Noda. He performed in the movie as an actor in “Butaga ita kyoushitsu (School Days with a Pig)” directed by Tetsu Maeda. He is also teaching dance as a part-time instructor at Women's College of Art, Rikkyo University and he was in charge of all direction of performances in Tokyo National Athletic Meet 2013, Opening Ceremony. In 2016 he received the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award for Fine Arts. September in 2016, CONDORS held their performance in NHK Hall. Tickets completely sold out, so an additional performance was scheduled. Currently, he is also focusing on “Yuuiku Keikaku (a plan to educate children with play)” together with NHK Educational. He is a dog lover.


Referenced work: Condors “20th Year Anniversary Extremely Special Performance” 2016, Photographs: HARU

Salutations. Today I plan on staying in Dogo for a loooooong time. (temporary title)


Ryohei Kondo will appear in many different places in Dogo for solo performances, and also to dance with the audience in attendance. Kondo’s performance trail during his two-day stay will be updated in advance so that anyone can go see him, walk around Dogo with him, and of course, take part in the dancing.

Referenced work: Condors “20th Year Anniversary Extremely Special Performance” 2016, Photographs: HARU

We will rouse and party at Dogo! (temporary name)


Leading the Condors that took the world of contemporary dance by storm, Ryohei Kondo who is a choreographer, actor and director will hold a dance performance. Joined by the local children, the stage is set for a Ryohei Kondo choreographed and directed performance in front of the Main Building of Dogo Onsen.

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