Taku Hisamura

Artist, born in Tokyo in 1977. Hisamura graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in sculpture in 2001. While listening to a speech at Todo-juku in 2003, he was greatly moved and began to present his works actively. Even with his background in sculpture, he stopped creating shapes and started to take in what is called minimal art into his work. Objects such as flat walls and floors, simple stools and chairs, the elements that are easily overlooked are vigorously taken in and by adding a touch of his artistic genius, he attempts to turn them into works of art. For example, the “Table or Wall” (2010) in which there is a table made by cutting out the wall in the gallery and putting it back in, or the handmade museum “Tsuzuki Rekishi Hakubutsukan” (2008) which he created by using objects found in a museum garage. It is not uncommon for him to create a system and make it into an art piece. At Tokiwa Park in Ube, Yamaguchi Pref. in 2016, his workshop for cooperating on remaking a bench posed a new style of public art where participants could color the old benches and remake them in a way for them to be more useful. Recently, due to physical reasons, he has taken many techniques of handicraft into his created works. Some of his works include, “BLUE LINES” (2017, THE WEEKENDER by Shinzone), “Kanaisei Sculpture” (2016, Al KOWADA GALLERY), 3331 Art Fair (2014, 2015, 2016).


Image of Artwork

Katamuita Furo-isu (A slanted bath seat)


Taku Hisamura has established himself as a modern artist, and has created a Dogo Onsen Main Building bath seat motif monument. To look closer at these seats that are hardly recognized in daily life, it is made larger than life and will be set up outdoors. So as not to be damaged by the elements, it has been placed upright and dried.

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