In 1997, Hiro Sugiyama was the main force behind establishing this creative unit composed of Hiro Sugiyama, Nobuko Tanaka, Masanori Matsui, Yutaro Mineyama and Takaaki Kato. In the world of fine arts, they present new artwork in and out of the country. In addition, they publish a free paper and art books and even work as curators for exhibitions. They continue to originate their distinctive creations in many genres such as graphic design. They also have a great reputation for building images in things such as directing promotion videos and VJ. Their range of activity forever expands as they work not only on paper but in different three-dimensional designs and performances. As VJ, they have been active since 1994 and have worked with many of the big names out there, in and out of Japan. They can be seen at foreign parties, large festivals, and art shows. In recent years, they have worked with m-flo on the tour “COSMICOLOR” as VJ as well as Shinichi Osawa’s tour, “THE ONE”. Namie Amuro, BOA and MEG are some of the artists that they provide motion images for. Their style is instantly captivating and brings the excitement of live performances and atmosphere onto the stage creating a vibe through vision. They have signed a contract with [pocko], an agency in London. The scope of their work continues to grow. Some of the festivals they have joined are the Sony Festival, Electraglide, Summer Sonic Festival, Rising Sun Rock Festival, Nagisa Music Festival, etc.


Referenced work “VJ at CLUBKING”

VJ Night in Dogo, presented by Enlightenment


A prodigy of graphic design, Hiro Sugiyama brings Enlightenment to Dogo. A revolutionary motion graphic VJ night will occur on the street of Dogo Shopping Arcade.

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