Chieko Yamauch

After graduating from Musashino Art University Department of Science of Design, she traveled to the Czech Republic by herself. In 2002, she completed the 3F program Cinema Studies, Animation course in the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Film Faculty (FAMU). In 2006, she obtained her master’s degree in Scenography, Department of Alternative and Puppet Theater in the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Theater Faculty (DAMU). She studied under Břetislav Pojar and Petr Matásek. After she returned home, she provided a number of works of stage design, movies, animation films, and graphic designs, and produced solo performances. She is dedicated to foster the next generation through providing animation workshops at the Museum of Art, Kochi, and teaching at Matsuyama Design College (currently Matsuyama Business College) as an instructor. In 2010, she formed the dance and animation performance unit, with dancer and choreographer, Miyuki Tokui.


Local Project "Kachozu Byobu"


One of the films of the original stop motion animation made for the fifth Ozu Candle Night held at Ozu Castle in 2014, which was projected on a huge 7-meter wide folding screen, is screened as an installation. This work is one of the pair of six-panel folding screens of "Kachozu Byobu", also printed on the shoe rack in Ozu Castle, which takes in“Minamoto no Yoshiie Kanrantakazu”(Harutoku Wakamiya) as motifs.

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