Ayumi Okino

She creates her works as a part of the daytime activities while visiting "Smile" Support Facilities for Disabilities. Her main drawing materials are paper and oil pastels. She is a winner of the National Open Call Exhibition. Two companies have adopted her work on their product labels. She participates in exhibitions in and outside the facility several times a year.


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Ayumi Okino×Yamazawa Shoten (Shop name)


[The work: Warehouse Shutter]

■Work Title: Utsubo (moray eel)

The work was drawn by looking at a photo of a moray eel. This is one of Okino's "red painting" series, which started because one of her staff said, "I like red." During that time, she expressed various animals and things in red.

■Title: Panda

The work was drawn by looking at a photo of a panda. She said it was "just because" that the color of the background is divided into 2 colors.

※Lightweight trucks may be out for delivery.

※Visitors may be unable to observe temporarily when loading and unloading goods from the warehouse is underway.

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