Referenced work

Yugo Shiyou (Let’s create fusion!)

Duration:April 14, 2018 ~ February 28, 2019 Location:Iori (inside Dogo Shopping Arcade) and near the east intersection of Hojoen 2018

The youngest participant of all the artists here, will transform Dogo into an active and vivid art piece. By interviewing people in the streets, the art will represent losing the self, melting into the vapors and steam. The outline of people will overlap in fractals and be set as a silhouette.

Production artists

Naho Ishii

Artist, Born in 1991 in Tokyo. She has been creating and publishing artworks using fractal structure lines with the theme of the relationship between cities and human beings since 2011.
Her art museum debut was her work “Drawing <> Series” that integrates countless lines and rectangular-shaped buildings, and she is currently active in Tokyo performing field work in the city.
Major contributing exhibitions are:
“DOJIMA RIVER BIENNALE 2011-Art and Architecture-” (DOJIMA RIVER FORUM /2011),
“Chogunto-HYPER ARCHIPELAGO-” (Omotesando, EYE OF GYRE / 2012),
“Chogunto-Light of Silence” (Aomori Museum of Art /2012),
“VOCA Exhibition 2013” (Ueno no Mori Bijutsukan-Ueno Royal Museum/2013),
“Broken Tokyo” (Ginza Nakagin Capsule Tower/2016/ Solo Show), “Roppongi Art Night”, etc.

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