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Yudama no Kehai: Kuuki no Hito

Duration:April 14, 2018 ~ February 28, 2019 Location:Hotel Tsubaki-kan Lobby Open hours:10:00~18:00 Entry fee:free 2018

An artist who pursues the product of every day discovery and choice within the limits of the divide between art and design, the popular Yasuhiro Suzuki mostly takes part in larger productions in and out of the country. His famed work, “Kuuki no Hito” will be on display. A short film of the “Kuuki no Hito (man of air)” extracting the atmosphere of Dogo will also be displayed. One of the most popular experience style art works, “Mabataki shomei shashin (blinking self-portraits)” is also planned for exhibit.

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Yasuhiro Suzuki

撮影 : 中川正子

Artist, born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1979. Graduated from the design course, Tokyo Zokei University, in 2001.
He is creating a work that reconsiders daily familiar events on their own “Mitate (The technique of representing one object with another) ". He is actively engaged in collaboration with commission work in public space, university research institutions and companies.
Representative works: “Mabataki-no ha” (Blinking Leaves) in 2003, “Kuuki no hito” (Aerial Being) in 2007 and “Fasner no fune” (Ship of the Zipper) in 2004, etc. In 2014, he held the Yasuhiro Suzuki Exhibition “Neighborhood Globe” in ART TOWER MITO and “Yasuhiro SUZUKI’s “Mitate” Laboratory” in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Exhibition to “The 2016 London Design Biennale” in 2016 as a Japanese representative. Musashino Art University, Associate Professor of the Department of Scenography, Display and Fashion Design and Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo, Nakamura Laboratory, visiting research scholar. Received 2014 Mainichi Design Award.
Has published the collection of works Mabataki to Habataki (Blinking and Flapping), Kinjo no Chikyu (Neighborhood Globe) (Seigensha Art Publishing, Inc.) and picture books Boku no Nyanta (My Cat) (Bronze Publishing Inc.).

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