©SHINJI OHMAKI / Dogo Onsenart 2018


Duration:June, 2018 ~ Location:Dogo Onsen Annex, Asuka-no-yu Courtyard 2018

He produced a large three-dimensional work with a motif of “Tsubaki (camellias)” which is the City Flower of Matsuyama in which Dogo Onsen (Hot Spring) is located. The three-dimensional structure of the large camellia, which symbolizes the Nature of Dogo, the water which supports the people’s lives, and the eternal circle of life, was created in the courtyard of Asuka no Yu. People are able to enter the inside of the large camellia, and consequently create scenery like a stage in which people look like the flower core of the camellia and the space between the people and the camellia resounds.

Production artists

Shinji Ohmaki

©Katsuhiro Ichikawa

Modern Artist, born in Gifu in 1971.
Known for the “ECHO” series, “Liminal Air”, “Memorial Rebirth” and “Flotage”, Ohmaki takes keywords such as space, time, gravity, and memory into his theme of space and existence of objects in his work. Using many techniques, he tries to bring forth what cannot be seen. By poising this experience, he tries to create a new space of physical awareness. Softly yet dramatically, an unrealistic world of dynamic awakening is the new installation piece Ohmaki has announced. Recently in his “house” series (Ichihara Art x Mix, Echigotsumari Art Triennia 2015, Adachiku Minka 2016) he takes old Japanese houses and brings forth the time and memories of the place by using light in the darkness as an installation piece. His work is not only seen in Japan, but he actively exhibits in galleries and museums around the world.

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