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Tani Konomi-no-yu

Date:April 14, 2018 ~ February 28, 2019 Place:Hojoen east side 2018

With unique taste, Konomi Tani continues to create delightful “yuru characters”. Paintings, pottery, events and workshops at the outside rest area are planned.

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Konomi Tani

Painter, born in 1987 in Osaka, Kyoto resident. She graduated from the illustration course, Kyoto Seika University Faculty of design, and studied design in OPUS DESIGN SCHOOL after graduation. She has held a solo exhibition since 2010 when she was in school.
Her recent exhibitions are as follows: “Kotchi Iki” 2016 iTohen gallery (Osaka), “Kotchi Iki, Hohoho” Hohoho-za (Kyoto), 2017 exhibition of Tani Konami & Nagaba Sayo “Konai Detaiyo” opal times (Osaka), “Sato” momurag gallery” (Kyoto). She has also participated in group exhibitions. “Introducing more and more” Exhibition (Osaka), ondo Planning Group Exhibition “Egaku-ten (Painting exhibition) vol.4” (Tokyo), etc. Illustration works: EYESCREAM, December issueissue in 2016 “Hohoho-za special edit・Kyoku-Shiteki Sakyo-ku Jiten /Sakyo-ku Bonyari map”. The interview was published in Meets Regional 2017, May issue “Kemonomichi wo Yuke! (Go down the beast trail!) New Bijutsu-Senka”. She has opened many temporary shops at events such as Sakyo-Wonderland (Kyoto) and IN/SECTS KITAKAGAYA FLEA (Osaka), etc.
The booklet called Tani Konomi’s Jeans is available in Nice Shop Su (Osaka), DOMA (Kyoto), and Popotamu (Tokyo). She publishes the free paper “Tani Konomi Paper” voluntarily. She distributes this free paper to shops, galleries, and art museums. “Calendar of Tani Konomi 2018” is now on sale. “I was poor at painting, but my paintings surprised people and made them laugh, so I was happy.”

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