Referenced work: Min Tanaka “Baodori” Awajishima Sumoto-shi, Goshiki-cho, Tsuzurao, the yard of an old empty Japanese house, 2006

Min Tanaka “Odori ~koe kara moji e~ (Dance ~from voice to letters~)”

Time:April 27, 2018 (16:00~ for about an hour) Location:Hogon-ji Temple Fee:Free 2018

Two special nights of Min Tanaka’s “Baodori” with the finale being an homage to Shiki Masaoka. First as voice, then as writing to articulate oneself is expressed in the dance. Please enjoy the peaceful dance movements of the body and writing under the trees and the twinkle of water reflecting light.

Production artists

Min Tanaka

An avant-garde and experimental dancer who respected and was influenced by the forefather of Ankoku Butoh, Tatsumi Hijikata. Tanaka started his own style of expression in 1974 which he formed into “Hyper Dance”, which places an emphasis on the conjunction of the spirit and the physical. His debut in Paris in 1978 led to collaborative works with many intellectuals and artists around the world. His approach to dance exceeds any formal stage production, dance and the music scene may have. Since his first movie appearance in Yoji Yamada’s “The Twilight Samurai” in 2002, he has made many appearances in cinema and television. In 2013, he made his Hollywood debut. Tanaka’s constant research and strong devotion to the “the origin of dance” is spreading its roots more vigorously as he takes the “baodori” approach, which is dancing the dances of people’s everyday life spontaneously. Baodori is spreading daily in Japan and in the world. His dance performances now exceed 3,000 times in and out of the country, and from having a large audience to dancing outdoors. He has published books such as Boku wa zutto hadakadatta (published from Kosakusha) and Ishin denshin (co-written with Matsuoka Seigo, published by Shunjusha Publishing). He also has a photograph portfolio Kogosei – MIN by KEIICHI TAHARA (SUPER LABO).

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