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Suuri Taiga/ Dai Sogen (great prairie)

Venue: Chaharu Duration:Permanent exhibit Open hours:13:00-14:00 (advance booking essential) 2014

This original room blithely fused East and West with a floral relief and linen designed during Ishimoto’s stint as a designer at Finland’s renowned textiles brand marimekko and displayed at the Hotel Chaharu for his exhibit in 2013. Ishimoto is a native of Tobe, known for producing some of the finest earthenware in Japan. He also produced some dining ware in the Tobe tradition for this project, which was on sale at the hotel shop and was given to guests who stayed in the room. His fabrics and other designs were also exhibited at the hotel front desk and entrance hall.

Production artists

Fujiwo Ishimoto

Katsuhiro Ichikawa

Born in Tobe, Ehime in 1941, Ishimoto has resided in Finland since 1970, currently in Helsinki. For 32 years from 1974 he worked as a textile designer for Finland’s most famous textiles brand marimekko and at present works in ceramic art as a member of Finland’s national manufacturer of pottery, Arabia Art Department. He was awarded the Kaj Franck Design Prize in 1994, the Order of the Lion of Finland Pro Finlandia Medal in 2010, and the Order of the Sacred Treasure in 2011. In September and October 2013, he held his first exhibition in his birthplace of Ehime, “Playing with Cloth, Playing with Clay” at Ehime Museum of Art, Tobe Bunka Kaikan, and Hotel Chaharu.

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