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Seiren-maru, nishi e

Duration:April, 2018 ~ February 28, 2019 (expected) Location:Sachi-ya Reception opening hour:15:00~20:00 Entry fee:Undecided 2018

The artist looked into the ties between Dogo and her hometown, Osaka, and created a tale of travel that enhances time. A parent and child along with a dog, leave their home town on a boat from the eastern harbor and during their journey encounter a wolf cub, a fish loving otter and a bird that is good at singing. With these new friends they venture west only to run into an imaginary animal which veers them off course into a completely different place. Yet the gang play on islands, warp through whirl pools and even turn the heavens upside down to arrive in the steam and vapors of Dogo. The many images on the screen are pieces of the story and spread throughout the pictures and dimensions. It was newly created into a simple white walled gallery for experiencing the story.

Production artists

Chie Matsui

Artist, born 1960 in Osaka.
Graduated from the Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School of Arts in 1984.
She has been working with installations, images, pictures, sketches and mixed media to present her work since 1980. She weaves “stories” from memory and its encounter with space. She has taken Johanna Spyri’s Heidi and changed it into herself living in the present world. These works of images are called “Heidi” (a series since 2004). Since 2011, she has been working on a series called “Ichimai-san” which depicts the moment when pictures and words meet to create a picture book. These are being updated on SNS. One of her works that branched off of this is “Ookami mura monogatari” which she has been working on since 2012. Some of her well known exhibits are “Yurinso Chie Matsui ‘Presha’” (2014, Kurashiki), “Yokohama Triennale” (2014 and 2005, Yokohama), “trace elements” (2009, Sydney), “projects 57, bul lee/chie matsui” (1997, The Museum of Modern Art, NY), “Nippon no gendai bijutsu 1985-1995” (1995, Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo), “The Silent Passion Nippon no Josei Artist-tachi” (1991, Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts) and “Venice Biennale Aperto 90” (1990, Venice). Her written works include Ichido mo deito shinakatta (Never dated, not once) (2005, in collaboration with Keiji Nakamura). She lives in Osaka.

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