Venue:Hotel Kowakuen Duration:Dec 24, 2013 to Jan 12, 2015 Time:11:00-14:00 (15 min) fee:324 yen (including tax)(including original postcard)Over age 18 2014

A special room at Dōgo Onsen produced under the direction of renowned photographer Nobuyoshi Araki. Araki transformed the spacious traditional 16-tatami (29 square meter) room into his own world. Four fusuma in the center of the room divided it into separate spaces and display four different photographs entitled “Kinbaku.” The beautifully bewitching models in deep-hued kimonos posing in a traditional Japanese house enchanted the viewer, as if in response to the quaint ambience of the town and its long history. The room also included the display of a recent work called “PARADISE,” an arrangement of flowers and dolls in the tokonoma alcove. There was also Araki books, hand towels, postcards, and other merchandise.

Production artists

Nobuyoshi Araki

Born in Minowa, Tokyo in 1940, Araki graduated from the Department of Photographic Engineering in Chiba University’s Faculty of Engineering, and was awarded the first Taiyō Magazine Award for “Satchin” in 1964. Following a stint at Dentsu Advertising, he turned freelance in 1972. He is most famous for “Sentimental Journey” in which he photographed his bride Yōko on their honeymoon. He is also known for “Erotos,” “Shikikei,” and other series. He has published more than 450 books. Besides acclaimed exhibitions “Sentimental Journey, Life” (Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, 1999), “Myself, Life, Death” (Barbican Art Gallery, London, 2005), and others, he has held many expositions both at home and abroad. He was awarded the Austrian Decoration for Science and Art in 2008, the Sakaguchi Ango Award in 2012, and the Mainichi Art Award Special Award in 2013. He exhibited at Toyota Municipal Museum of Art in 2014.

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