The photograph is an image

Open Call Project

13/8 Plan

Duration: February, 2020~ (planned) Location: 1F Lobby, Tsubaki no Yu, etc. (under adjustment) 2019

He recruits and films participants from among the local people. This is a video installation work which magnifies the images of people in everyday attire by 13/8 and displays them in a 3m box with a sense of reality. The realism of the video with its mysterious sized images will give the impression of straying into a sci-fi movie scene. This art gives us an opportunity to take a view of ourselves in the modern days and to fantasize and think positively about the future.

Production artists

Hiroyasu Shimo

Born in Osaka and a resident of Tokyo. He dropped out of the Department of Oil Painting, Faculty of Fine Arts, and Tokyo University of the Arts. Presently Professor of Kobe Design University. He has acquired 3DCG in an opportunity of winning the prize in “Sony Music Digital Entertainment Program” in 1997. He released the video game, "incarnatia" based on Dali's painting world from that company. He has also presented various works at KOBE Biennale (2007, 2009, 2015), Roppongi Art Night (2018, 2019), Rokko Meets Art, Art Walk 2018, and so on.

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