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Open Call Project

Deban desuyo! (It’s your turn!)

Duration: March 14 (Saturday)・15 (Sunday), 2020 Location: Show at “Himitsu ja Nai En-nichi (The fair that is no secret)” 2019

This project is to search out local people who have been expressing themselves without public attention so far and to discover them as artists. The exhibition of handicrafts by middle-aged and elderly housewives Okan Art (Art by housewives) and a demonstration of casual calligraphy by Jeitaro Sugisaku are exhibited. He proposes a tour to visit places where expressions are born, such as Naoyo Shibutani, an artist living in Matsuyama, and “Smile”, the support facilities for disabilities. At "Himitsu ja Nai En-nichi", he also plans to hold a tour where visitors can tour around the Okan Art exhibited in the regional locales.

Production artists

Nobumasa Kushino

Resident of Hiroshima. He is the only “outsider curator” in Japan. He is curator at the "Tomonotsu Museum" in Tomonoura, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, while also working as a staff member for an intellectual disability welfare facility since 2000. He became independent to open the gallery called "Kushino Terrace", specializing in outsider art in April 2016. He writes books and plans exhibitions while continuing to gather information from around the country, by focusing on people who cannot live without expression.

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