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Open Call Project

Hitchhiking (Haiku)

Duration: March 14 (Saturday)・15 (Sunday), 2020 Location: Shown at “Himitsu ja Nai En-nichi (The fair that is no secret)” 2019

A base is created where people who compose haiku can gather, while moving his cart around the streets. Workshops will be held in Dogo area and various places in Matsuyama City, and the haiku gathered will be exhibited at the fair in March. Each haiku is divided into three phrases known as "Shoku, Niku, and Kekku (The first, second, and ending phrases)" and we will make an enjoyable system in which every visitor can enjoy making haiku with ease by combining whatever phrases they like.

Production artists

Kim Taebeon

Born in Ehime Prefecture. Graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture.
He creates and presents experiential installations and public art. In 2019, he participated in the exhibition in "Ki to iu Utsuwa-ten (the exhibition of Multi-Art using wood)" (Shinjuku Park Tower, Gallery 1). In 2018, Four Street Stands Traveling around the City (Hanazono-machi, Matsuyama City・Permanent installation) In 2015, “The Day of Collecting Rainbows” (KOBE Biennale・Encouragement Prize). In 2013, ”A Whisper from a Small Island” (Setouchi International Art Festival 2013・Ibuki Island), etc.

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