Onsenart Uniform


An Onsenart uniform was designed with the aim of creating a festival atmosphere and stimulating the feeling of participation among local business operators. The uniform was worn by the staff at the Ryokan Cooperative Association, the Shopping Arcade Union, and the Nobosetai volunteers. Designed with kimono-style sleeves, it combined a Japanese atmosphere with the futuristic touch of modern technology using digital transfer and high gloss. It embodied the concept of the festival―cutting-edge art at the oldest hot spring. Lively original textiles featuring the Onsenart logo color and reflecting the history of Dōgo Onsen were also produced.

Production artists

Mitsushi Yanaihara

Born in Ehime Prefecture and graduated from Kuwasawa Design School. He was director and costume designer for the art group Nibroll from 1997 to 2011. He released his first female wear collection under the name Nibroll about Street. After the March 2011 tsunami and earthquake his design shifted from the conceptual to the functional. He won the Tokyo Best Newcomer Designer Fashion Grand Prize in 2012. He currently continues to design costumes for the stage while also running an eponymous men’s fashion brand.

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