©︎MAYWADENKI / Dogo Onsenart 2018

Maywa Denki in Dogo Pre-opening Special Live Show

Time:September 2, 2017, 18:00 ~ 19:00 (doors open at 17:30~) Location:Hogon-ji Temple Fee:Free 2018

The main act of the pre-opening ceremony! Dressed in a blue workers’ outfit and performing with handmade automatically performing instruments, Maywa Denki is a popular artistic unit. The copious music created from the nonsensical machines swept Dogo off its feet.

Production artists

Maywa Denki

An artistic unit produced by Nobumichi Tosa. Wearing blue work clothes and calling their works “manufactured goods” and their shows “demonstration of manufactured goods”, they styles their shows to represent the small/medium companies that supported Japan during its rapid economic growth. The many nonsensical machines, live performances, exhibitions, educational workshops and lectures are not only popular in Japan but also in other countries as well. In 2010, the “The Voice Mechnix” launched. The tadpole shaped note instrument that was a product of the concept sold 250,000 items worldwide, making it a hit product. It received the Toy Award the same year. In 2013, this unit was appointed by the Agency for Cultural Affairs to interact with other cultures and thus they collaborated with choreographer Blanca Li in France to create the Maywa Denki dance performance with its instruments and outfits called “ROBOT!” which is still being played in different parts of the globe. After the huge success of its performance at the Shanghai Art Museum, McaM, the unit held a performance in Osaka in June of that same year, something they had not done for 20 years. Recently, they have reached out to acting, appearing in “Juhan Shuttai!” 2018 will mark their 25th anniversary.

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