©KOHSKE KAWASE / Dōgo Onsenart 2014


Venue:Tsubaki-no-Yu Lobby Duration:Dec 24, 2013 to Dec 31, 2014 Exhibit Time:6:30-23:00 (Tsubaki no Yu opening hours) Time:According to the hours of operation of Hotel Tsubaki-kan. 10 minutes to around 30 ~ 40 minutes every hour at the exhibition location. 2014

While a flickering light created various moods, comforting sounds filled the room. Kawase is a composer who has been producing light and sound artworks since 2002. This work was set in the lobby of a public bathing facility where offered a relaxing, meditative experience for bathers.

Production artists

Kohske Kawase

Born in Kyoto in 1970 and grew up in Tokyo. Since his debut as an artist in 2002 with music for the illumination “Long Autumn Sweet Thing,” Kawase has continued to seek “things having a wide opening and depth.” He participated in the Aichi Expo 2005. His music for the film work “PopulouSCAPE” was lauded for his grandiose but romantic composition, which was said to have “breathed soul into the imagery”. In 2010, at the 13th Japan Media Arts Festival he became known for his piece “BEARINGS GLOCKEN II.” In the winter of 2012 he presented “a tone of light” at an illumination event at Tokyo Skytree. In 2013, he collaborated with Kaiji Moriyama and Kodue Hibino on the performance “LIVE BONE,” and released three debut albums simultaneously.

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