Referenced Work: “Circus Show “Gakudan to Dokeshi (The troupe and the clown)” @Kirari☆Fujimi 2017

JINTA-LA-MVTA Special live in Dogo

Time:April 15, 2018  14:00 ~ 15:00 Location:Dogo Onsen Annex, Asuka-no-yu courtyard Fee:Free 2018

With chindon, an outgrowth of Buddhist prayer chanting and dancing, as the backbone of this performance - a hybrid with world music - “JINTA-LA-MVTA” will be performed in Dogo! JINTA-LA-MVTA is comprised of two main performers, Ohkuma Wataru and Kogure Miwazo of CICALA-MVTA. which is a non-state band highly proclaimed in Japan and abroad as well. Ohkuma and Kogure bring chindon to you. Other members also gather at every occasion to create a once-in-a-life-time celebration mood with the audience. Please enjoy the music and dance fit for the start of “ONSENART 2018”.

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参考作品:サーカスショー「楽団と道化師」@きらり☆ふじみ 2017

An incomparable celebratory environment and experimental nonstate music that is original is what this mobile chindon unit is known for. Two members of “cicala-mvta”, Wataru Ohkuma (clarinet, etc.) and Miwazo Kogure (chindon drum, vocals) have been attempting to hybrid the backbone of chindon to other instruments from around the world such as the klezmer. Recently they are known as the one-of-a-kind Japanese klezmer band in Europe and are receiving invitations to perform in festivals in different parts of the world. They will perform and entertain not just in concert but on the streets and bypaths or even during a celebration!

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