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Himitsu ja Nai Gallery (the gallery that is no secret)

Daijiro Hashimoto×Himeya (Shop name)

Duration: October 14, 2019~February 28, 2021 Location: Himaya (14-26 Yunomachi Dogo) 2019


小さい頃から指遊びが好きで、絵の中にも手をモチーフにしたモノ・・鳥や恐竜の顔など色々とあります。 その中でも一番わかりやすく指の形で表現している街灯。インパクトも強いですが、背景や月や車、横断歩道など細かいところも見て頂きたい。高校生の頃パソコンで描いた作品です。

Production artists

Daijiro Hashimoto

Born in Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture, in 1996 and now a resident of Matsuyama City. He was diagnosed with autism at four years old and entered a special school in the city from elementary school and began drawing by hand or using computer software. He held the first private exhibition at Kashima Museum (Kashimaru), Hojo, in Matsuyama City in 2014. He received the Special selection Award of “Ehime Disabled Art Exhibition” in 2017. He also worked on the mural paintings of a cycle shop. August in 2018, he held a private exhibition at "Yururi Cafe Yumeya" in Ehime Prefectural Office. He held a Live Performance at the "48 Hours Design Marathon" (Okaido, Matsuyama City) in October 2018.

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