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Himitsu ja Nai Gallery (the gallery that is no secret)

Ai Support×Hotel Kowaku-en, Haruka (Shop name)

Duration: October 14, 2019~February 28, 2021 Location: Exhibited in the Lobby of Hotel Kowaku-en, Haruka. Time: 10:00~15:00(During hotel business hours) 2019

■“Dogo no Yugure” (Dusk of Dogo)
This is a fabric flower work made by members of “Ai Support”, a Continuous Employment Support Type A Center, including Emi Yamazaki and others. The possibilities of the fabric flowers created by pure white cloth are endless. By expanding imagination, the purple gradation of Phalaenopsis orchid and Amaranthus expresses dusk in Dogo. The delicate hand-made fabric flowers and the back of even their leaves create a gorgeous image viewed from any angle of 360 degrees.

Production artists

Ai Support (collaborative work)

This is a fabric flower work made by members of “Ai Support (Yamagoe-machi)”, a Continuous Employment Support Type A Center. Many visitors came to see their exhibition at “Bansui-so”. Ai Support handles rentals and sales of works and the rich imagination that is every member’s strength and the persistence to tackle delicate handwork lead to employment. Ms. Sakiyama, the producer's representative, is also active as a teacher of the fabric flower classes that she conducts at various elderly facilities.

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