©STEPHEN MUSHIN / Dogo Onsenart 2014

Floating on a Stream (Ookage-e (large shadow puppets)/ Dogo yawa (bedtime stories)

Location:Kanmuri yama (at first 13 places around the Main Building of Dogo Onsen) Duration:April 10, 2014 ~ December 31, 2014 Time:18:00〜22:00 2014

The artist’s interpretation of a sustainable Dōgo as it may be one thousand years from now was based on unique, creative ideas derived from interviews with local citizens, and told through a series of shadow pictures throughout the city (“Giant Shadow Pictures”). Small-scale shadow pictures were also shown at several locations around Dōgo, linking the history of the town with its future (“Night Stories”).

Production artists

Stephen Mushin

Stephen Mushin
A resident of Melbourne, Australia, Mushin is active in the fields of design and art with ecological themes. He presents us with a sustainable and fun imaginary future with his installations implementing a wide variety of media including drawing, sculpture, outdoor projections, puppetry, and community workshops.

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