©TOMOKAZU ISHIKAWA / Dogo Onsenart 2014

Eifūtei Garden: Story of Light

Venue:Funaya Duration:Standing Exhibit Time:18:00-21:30 Admission Fee:Adults 800yen Children (3〜12years old) 600yen (including tax)+Drink ticket 2014

The designer from Color Kinetics Japan, Inc.—known for his illumination work in Tokyo’s Rikugien Gardens—this time lit up the lush, verdant garden of the Funaya, which dates from the mid-17th century. Evoking the literary giants who have visited Funaya, such as Shiki Masaoka, Sōseki Natsume, Akiko Yosano and others, the artist created a memorable landscape woven from the greenery and light.

Production artists

Tomokazu Ishikawa

Born in Tokyo in 1965 and senior designer at Color Kinetics Japan, Inc. He graduated from the design Department from Musashino Art University. He joined Color Kinetics Japan, Inc. in 2009 and has worked on lighting design at a range of spaces, from Japanese gardens to shopping malls. He employs the latest LED lighting technology to match the space. He handles the entire process behind projects, from on-site research to proposals, design, set-up supervision, and the overall lighting design.

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