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Dogo Kamelie Hütte / 椿ヒュッテ

場所:ホテルルナパーク 時間:11:00〜14:30(15分) 期間:2014年4月10日-2015年1月12日 料金:大人540円(税込)、子供(〜小学生)無料、オリジナルポストカード付 2014


Production artists


Known as a model and photographer, KIKI took a Dōgo hotel room and transformed it into an elegant mountain cabin surrounded by a forest of camellias (the camellia being the official flower of Matsuyama). Visitors could take off their shoes and feel the green carpet under their feet, sip coffee and enjoy the small library of books, including photo selections by KIKI. Being inside the delightfully fresh atmosphere made you forget you were actually in a town rather than the mountains.

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