©TARO SUZUKI / Dogo Onsenart 2014


Venue:Yu Shrine Duration:Apr 29 to Sep 30, 2014 Exhibit Time:18:00-22:00 2014

As visitors climbed the steps to the historical shrine, illumination installed on both sides of the stone steps lit up. Sharp rays of light shining from right angles to the steps playfully highlighted the unique rocky texture of the steps in the darkness. Once lit, the light remained with a footprint showing passage over the stone, fading away gradually.

Production artists

Taro Suzuki

Born in Katsushika, Tokyo in 1973, Suzuki is a media artist bringing forth work that possesses the innate beauty derived from his understanding of the natural world through close observation and the observation of physical phenomena. The moving and changing “matter” and “light” extracted from the time axis supported by his unique ideas and high level of technical skill convey a pure sense of delight and surprise to the viewer. He has participated in many international exhibitions around the world and is widely acclaimed for his installations in public spaces, and he has also been expanding his activities as the head of Atelier OMOYA. He studied design and received a PhD in art at Tokyo University of the Arts. Through the academic year 2012 he taught advanced technology students techniques for artistic expression with a media art approach at Tokyo University Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Studies. Suzuki became associate professor at Tokyo University of the Arts Design Department in 2013.

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